Monthly Archives: November 2017

  1. Magento Performance

    Magento Performance

    Magento Perfomance can be hard to tune. Its often a mix of many factors determining the consistent pageload time and resource usage on all of your pages. We have years of experience to share. There are many issues with Magento when it comes down to Performance. The key to Magento Performance for that matter is also not in one solution but to bring everything together.

  2. Useful Bundle Products in Magento 2

    Useful Bundle Products in Magento 2

    Ever since Magento 2 was launched there has been a demand for creating useful bundle products. By default the bundled products arent very useful and have a very limited configurability and this post will show you what we did to change that.

  3. Practical Security

    Practical Security

    Security is usually not open to the wide audience, simply because hackers or the people trying to fend them, are not profiting from a wider audience with knowledge about the trade. This blog will explain the inner workings of one aspect of security.

  4. Hacking with Docker

    Hacking with Docker

    Lets say you're hosting servers for your customers and those customers have SSH access. Eventually that customer might lose/share its credentials and you end up with a potential security hazard. There are many possible hazards, but today we focus on that one available on Docker servers. 

  5. Integrating Magento with Microsoft ADFS

    Integrating Magento with Microsoft ADFS

    Integrating Magento with ADFS can be troublesome if you do not have a perfect knowhow of both systems. Want to know more? read on!