GraduationSource.com launched!

Since a few years we're managing the hosting for GraduationSource aswell as act as a technical consultant in complex Magento matters. In 2018 we have worked hard with GraduationSource to help them create a new Magento 2 store.

When it comes down to this project, we've had our hand in most of the integrations which they have to external systems aswell as guiding all the developers and external development companies involved to deliver the best result possible.

Our collaboration with GraduationSource has always worked out smoothly and pleasantly. We can communicate very well together and are very likeminded when it comes to end solutions and our pragmatic approach. This has made communication easy, even with the timezone difference. 

Since GraduationSource is one of the top websites in the US, and the number one source for graduation materials and services, it was important to ensure the website stayed clean, fast and maintainable. We've ensured no shortcuts were taken and safeguarded the overal quality of the end result.

It's been almost a year of planning, making choices, putting in hard work, communication and getting all the involved parties to function as a team collaborating on a project with this scale, we're proud to announce that GraduationSource has launched their new website!

You can take a look at the new website by visiting: https://www.graduationsource.com/

We leave the judging to you, isn't this one of the best looking websites there is right now? We truely believe so! 

Looking forward to a prosporus year for GraduationSource so that they may benefit from the new seed that they planted in 2019