Practical Security

Let me introduce myself
I'm Ron van der Molen, the owner of Wizkunde and ever since i was young, i've been intrigued by the concepts of hacking. I started learning the ways and the dutch community for it ever since i was 15 years old. Thats almost 20 years ago.

What is a hacker?
No, not all hackers are scamming destructive bastards who want to see the world burn. We're creative people who tend to solve challenges in a constructive and creative matter. This includes challenges out of the digital world. So if you're asked to make a extremely large application with millions of users per day to perform fast and reliably, you could be a hacker when you find creative ways to do so. But yes, this also includes breaking security if needed and understanding how to counter that.

About the presentation
This presentation is one that i've presented in several communities inside the Netherlands around 2014. Its great to learn about the most common used hacking techniques these days. The tips and explanations in this slide have been valid ever since the internet became popular and will matter for years to come.

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