Upping The Ante

Wizkunde has been around as a company since 2013, and since the start we've had a great focus on exposure as a Magento solutions specialist.

Over the years, we have evolved into a full blown solutions partner, where we took on the role as a solid partner in many projects, with our focus on helping teams overcome obstacles which would otherwise put companies into very tough situations.

For this we're not just focussing on Magento. We have guided teams in Symfony projects, Zend Framework projects and even picked up projects in completely different areas like C# and Unity projects.

One of the areas of which customers hire us a lot for is the integration between several aspects of their project. This could be either Single Sign-On, ERP integrations, fullfillment, CRM integrations or something completely custom.

Being a small company, we powerpack the knowledge and have not focussed too much on picking up larger aspects of the projects of our customers. We previously always empowered other teams for that matter.

We could state that we have always provided our knowledge as a service.

A change is gonna come

In the summer of 2019, we have had an internal meeting about the planning for the upcoming 5 years of Wizkunde.

Inside this meeting we came to the conclusion that we're ready for growth and that we're ready to play a larger role in the projects our existing and new customers are running.

We had been growing steadily, becoming more and more an authority when it comes to identity management. And with that, it was time to up the ante.

Therefor, we're currently negotiating with new employees for our company.
We believe in collaboration with other companies, to share the burdain of maintaining specialists and hire specialists for areas of work outside of what we are good at.

So to increase our ability to participate with a larger role in several projects, we're currently onboarding a new Support Engineer and a Marketeer.

This should reflect in a better and more consistent communication from us as a company. This will improve our image and also our ability to adapt to both urgent and long term support.

We also gain the ability to properly setup marketing campaigns for ourselves and our customers, to allow us to benefit from a better effectivity rate in what we are sending out to the world via Social Media.

At this moment we were already working with a very select group of individual freelancers, which are good in the specific areas they are hired for.
This usually comes down to design work or long term project specific development work like templating or feature development.

On the first of September 2019, we're going to be the official partner of a large diamond-level HubSpot integrator for their Magento support and other complex cases.
More info on that will follow later, but these are all nice steps and reasons for more focus on growth.

Challenge us!

Do you have a challenge? An idea or project to talk over? Why not drop us a message to see what we can do for eachother.