Useful Bundle Products in Magento 2

Bundle Performance

Magento Bundled Products consist of many other products which are set in various options. To make a bundle useful, this often means you have to add hundereds of products inside your bundled products to get all the configurations setup to match your needs.

Unfortunately this comes with a huge performance issue. If you eventually manage to save the product in the backend, which usually fails due to the sheer volume of information being sent to the webserver, the frontend will end up being so immensly slow, that it's not workable for your customers.

In conversion, speed matters. Shortly put, all 100ms of loss on page loads are costing you a multitude of customers which are finding their business elsewhere.

Magento 2 Configurable Bundle Backend
Magento 2 Configurable Bundle Frontend

Bundle Configurable Products

By bundeling the configurable products you not only solve the performance issues in Magento 2 Bundles, but you also make the website look so much more appealing.

This ensures a better flow of your website and generates a better revenue by giving the customer just that bit of extra visualization to make its decision. As seen on the left, you now transform a mere selectbox or radio buttons into a visualization of your products by rendering a Configurable Product just as it would have been rendered on a configurable product page.

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Custom Option Support

A lot of our customers have asked us why Bundle Products do not by default have a proper support for custom options. They just don't show up and with products being configured in this manner, it would be great to see the custom options on your screen as you need many of your products be customized further than just the purchase of the product itself.

To further help our customers we have added custom option support for configurable and simple products to the bundle pages, allowing them to be displayed and customized in a way that makes a bundle product so amazingly powerful. There is no limitations in what you can do with your products.

It even merges the configurable and simple custom options, so that you can allow your configurable product to have custom options AND the simple product too.

Magento 2 Bundle Custom Options

Magento 2 Bundle Downloadable Product

Bundle Downloadable Products

Not only for our own usecase but also for several customers, we had received the question why bundeling downloadable products was not possible in Magento 2.

After all, the concept is pretty easy. A Downloadable Product is basically a Virtual Product including a Downloadable section. So why not allow it to be added to Bundle products?

In our extension we also made sure this was possible. By allowing this, it make up for a very nice way to promote other extensions, and make your website generate more revenue with the same conversion.

Magento Bundles and External Integrations with ERP or Fulfillment systems

One of the biggest problems for show owners are composite products including Bundles and Grouped products. By default, its almost impossible to get them communicated to your ERP / Fulfillment system properly because Magento actually sends everything as one product. But all those logics applied inside Magento, involving price calculations doesnt really make it easy to allow the customer to split the bundle into separate products.

Our extension "Magento 2 Split Bundles" will split up a bundle inside the order (or if needed in the cart), after its placed and it will not affect the price the customer pays. This allows you to send the bundle to your external system without having to worry about the ERP or Fulfillment system being able to actually deal with a bundle product


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