Wizkunde and COVID-19

A shout out up front! All across the globe, people are affected by this powerful virus and measures created by authorities should not be taken lightly nor ignored. We'd like to take this moment to urge people to honor the measures taken, to keep their distance to other people, so that medical personal can regain control over the infection and buy scientists and other medical staff time to come up with a vaccin to treat the most severe cases. Let us overcome this infection with as little casualities as possible while keeping our hospitals and its personel open for both COVID-19 cases aswell as other matters. Thanks!

At Wizkunde we have ensured that since the 16th of March, our full staff works from home. At first to help decrease the chances of cross infection between our employees aswell as ensuring our company can stay operational during this viscious pandemic. Luckily in our line of work, this is easier to do than in other working areas. We have a lot of means to stay in contact with eachother and only team collaboration is affected. With online project managmenet, meeting tools, collaboration tools, and the huge amount of automation we already had in the company (including continuous integration and continuous deployment), we can stay focussed on the end results in an acceptable and effective manner.

In short, we are fully operational helping both our customers and our company to get through this crisis in a safe but progressive way.

Be careful and we wish everyone all the best and hoping for a full and speedy recovery for those infected!