Webhook Integrations

Our team is ready to help you integrate any service by using webhooks directly from your application or webshop

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How does it work?

Many projects require the integration between different systems. Either to make the project more efficient or to rely on automatic processes to achieve a constant flow of integrity.

Removing the human element as a factor in the daily process, ensures there is much less chance of errors. Webhooks automate the process by sending information directly to external services which interpret this information and process it directly.


Why choose for Wizkunde for your a webhook integration?

We are a company with the knowhow to integrate nearly anything. Since 2013 we've integrated anything from ERP systems, fullfillment systems, CRM systems and numerous other solutions. 

A few examples: 

We're the main partner of Unific, a diamond-level HubSpot partner, for whom we do all Magento support and integrated Magento with HubSpot by the use of their platform. At this moment, we're synchronizing customers, carts and orders, including historical data. At first we built the Magento 2 extension and later on we have also developed the Magento 1 extension for their older customers.

For CloudHaven Solutions we've integrated SalesForce with Magento, where a SalesForce user can login directly to Magento as an active customer, by clicking on a button in SalesForce. CloudHaven built the button in SalesForce where we built the secure Magento extension



Webhook Integrations